Portuguese reed baskets www.theolivashop.com
Portuguese reed baskets www.theolivashop.com


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ESTORIL is a handmade reed basket woven in fuchsia, deep purple, orange, green, and natural plaited pattern with flowers design and embellished with a brown leather magnetic clasp. ESTORIL basket is the ideal bag for summer outings. You can carry on or wear it with a colorful strap. Designed by OLIVA and embodied by artisans.

All our handmade bags are not just bags. They are CULTURE, LEGACY, AND TRADITION. We make limited editions of each model. Once ESTORIL BASKET is gone it will not be back.

  • Handwoven organic reed  
  • Brown leather magnetic clasp
  • Toxic-free gold metal pieces
  • OLIVA's exclusive design
  • Shoulder strap (removable) optional
  • Measurements: (Size M) Height: 23cm Width: 33cm Thickness: 20cm
  • Handmade in Portugal     
Size Guide  (Mini, Small, Medium, Large) Noted that in every basket you can fit all your essentials (wallet, phone, etc ..)



OLIVA bag is completely handcrafted. Slight alterations that do not compromise the aesthetics of the product are normal. Every item is intrinsically unique due to its handmade nature
Guidelines to take care of your OLIVA BAG 
To clean your OLIVA bag, take a damp sponge and gently brush the surface.  After you use your OLIVA bag store it in its sugarcane bag to protect it from the environment. Our bags are colored with natural dyes, so it is recommended to keep them away from rain or water, for the color not to run or bleed

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